A better insulation manufacturer

Here at Tenou Insulation Factory we strive to be the best insulation manufacturer world wide. We do this by producing rock wool and glass wool products that greatly reduce your energy costs without compromising your demand for the highest quality available.

We are a Hong  Kong based company that has spent years perfecting the art of manufacturing glass wool and rock wool for all types of applications. Our factory in Guandong, China puts out twenty thousand cubic meters of pipe insulation and thirty thousand tonnes of insulation board and blanket every year.

By fully embracing our devotion to high quality, low price and constant reliability, we have earned a great reputation in the  insulation industry, thereby expanding our market year after year. We have now reached the status of being the world leading insulation supplier which enables us to give you first class quality wool insulation at rock bottom prices.

Let us help you improve your quality of life as well as your bottom line while aiding in the fight against environmental destruction. Using our insulation products greatly improves the energy efficiency of any building. This obviously reduces costs, but it also helps reduce our need for fossil fuels and improves our planet one building at a time. Our unwavering commitment to these ideals will benefit everyone we serve as well as some we don’t.

For the best insulation on the market from the most conscientious manufacturer in the world with the highest standards in the industry, contact us and let’s improve our planet together.

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