Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Glass Wool

If you have an idea of what fiberglass is, then you have an idea of what glass wool is too. This material is, as its name suggests, made from glass. To be more specific it is made from glass fibers which look a lot like wool. The only main difference of course, is that you are talking about glass rather than sheep’s wool. In essence you can pretty much look at it as fiberglass that is turned into fibers.

Glass wool is used for two main reasons; packing and insulation. Because glass fragments are well bonded, they are less likely to break. At the same time because they are insulators they can prevent the loss of heat in a home or they can prevent the transfer of heat as well. When it is manufactured, the wool is set in slabs or in rolls which look a lot like the woolly material your sweater is called. Since it is made from glass, it is quite easy to control how it is made. This is why this type of wool is made in a number of different thermal resistances.

Fiberglass insulation usually comes in the form of sheets and is another term used for glass wool. The only real difference in this case however is that fiberglass insulation is more of a broader, general term. Although it is made from glass it can actually be made from a variety of minerals as well as sand.

One type of insulation that is often used in construction is the glass wool board. The boards are quite similar to wood in terms of look but are much more adept than wood at insulation. Although glass insulation is often in sheet type blanket forms, these boards can make the job of insulation much easier. They can be used as wall insulation much easier than rolls of glass fibers and can also be set up much faster.

Another type of insulation which is often used in construction is the glass wool pipe. This pipe is similar to the other materials mentioned above, although it is firmer like the wool boards and not like a blanket sheet. The other difference is that it is shaped like a pipe which means that it can be used to insulate pipes of running liquid or other things such as home wiring.

The glass wool blanket is the most common type of form that this versatile material takes the shape of. Just like a rug, carpet or blanket, this truly unique material comes in this form to ensure that it can be cut. The blanket form is also easier to drape if the need calls for it and can be used in a variety of different environments.

Glass is the type of material that really works well as a conductor. Although it may seem fragile, it is extremely strong when used in fiber and can really fulfill packing and insulation needs for practically every type of establishment or home and all types of weather.

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