Fiberglass and Rock Wool: Perfect Insulators!

Fiberglass benefits

Fiberglass insulation is one of the cheapest types of insulating alternative. It’s highly effective in keeping the heat out and cold in or the other way around depending on the immediate needs of the user. During summer, the coolness of the air conditioner is kept within the room and the heat out of it. In winter, the warm temperature coming from the heaters are preserved within the room and the cold is kept outside. Because of its high heat and cooling efficiency you can save a lot on your electric bills and most importantly it brings the desired comfort to you and your family.

Other advantages

Fiberglass insulation is also relatively easy to install. If you’re dexterous with your hands you don’t need special tools to install them. It’s environmentally friendly since it’s mostly made from recycled glass. It’s fire resistant. It has sound proof properties. It reduces noise from the outside giving you calmer indoors. It’s shrink proof. No matter what the weather is, fiberglass will remain steady and in place. No insects can pass through it. It’s also highly hygienic and once in place you can forget all about it. It’s durable and will give you several years of trouble free service.

Minor disadvantages

There are some issues concerning health hazards involving its fibers which are bad for asthma sufferers. Its insulating property is diminished when wet and damped. But over all fiberglass insulation generally is an excellent insulating material. Rock wool insulation on the other hand is highly considered as outstanding heat and sound barrier. It’s made from rocks and other minerals. It’s considered a green product because of its natural origin. Also added are oil and starch. Oil is used to minimize dust formation and starch is an excellent holding material. It’s cheap and also very easy to install.

Rock wool advantages

One of its advantages is its ability to stop the fire from spreading. And its ability to stop heat conduction is a contributing factor in saving on energy bill. Rock wool insulation doesn’t pose any health problems. It’s highly safe to use. Rodent attack won’t be a problem on rock walls. However its ability to absorb high amounts of water will cause to get heavy and sag. And if there are spaces available it will literally escape its present confinement. Due to its high pH rating, it doesn’t harbor virus and bacteria which makes it highly sanitary. Some hydroponic farmers have found good use of rock wools.

Easily available

We have seen a lot of what Rock wood insulation can do. The advantages are stacked in its favor. It’s high time that you should try it and fiberglass as well for your house thermal control. And yes, for noise control as well. Both insulation products can be easily bought from any home improvement stores or department stores. Though they’re pretty easy to install but if you’re not up to the task, you can always ask the help of professionals to do it for you. Enjoy your home the whole year round with fiber glass and rock wood assuming the role of highly efficient insulation materials.

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