Fiberglass Insulation Boards Are Ideal for Business or Home Use

Have you decided to insulate your business or home? Perhaps you want to create a soundproof studio, bring peace to a high temperature work shop or increase the energy efficiency of a garage. Either way, we here at Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company would like to help. Because of their inherent properties, our fiberglass insulation boards are well suited for installation in the previously mentioned areas.

That’s because each fiberglass insulation board is expertly constructed with 5-8 um diameter fibers. The fiberglass insulation boards range in length from 1200-2400 (mm). Their widths and thickness also varies. The widths range from 600-1200 (mm). The thicknesses, on the other hand, range from 25-100mm. With that said, our durable fiberglass boards would be perfect for use in minimum space areas prone to wind exposure (i.e. garages). Of course they could also be used in large, sheltered cavities (i.e. interior walls or ceilings).

Still need more reasons to purchase our fiberglass insulation boards? Consider this, our fiberglass insulation boards are ≥ 99% hydrophobic and have a shot content of ≤0.3%. They also feature a ≤ 5% moisture rate, ≤ 1 moisture content and a density range of 24-96 kg/ m3. Thus, if the fiberglass insulation boards do happen to come in contact with a modest leak or prolonged condensation, you won’t have to worry so much.

In addition, our fiberglass insulation boards are very adept at quelling noise and withstanding heat. For proof, just take a look at the boards’ sound absorption rating. Using the product reverberation method, they have a coefficient of 1.03 (24kg/m3 2000HZ).

Our fiberglass insulation boards also have a thermal conductivity rating of 0.034-0.06 w/ m.k. and an impressive heat shrinkage temperature under load of 400-450 Degree C. Given that, the fiberglass insulation boards could easily be installed around noisy industrial machinery as well as household appliances.

To discover more about our fiberglass insulation boards, contact Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company. Our company is a well-respected leader in the field of insulation. Other products in stock include rock wool sectional pipe insulation, glass wool blankets, glass wool pipe sections and rock wool boards.

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