Fiberglass Insulation Supplier Discusses HVAC Duct Cleaning Basics

Did your local HVAC company suggest that you have your business or home’s duct work cleaned? Are your HVAC system’s ducts presently lined or wrapped with fiberglass insulation? If so, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

For starters, cleaning HVAC ducts that have been lined or wrapped with fiberglass insulation requires a measure of care. That’s because certain pieces of cleaning equipment or chemicals may cause more harm than good. As fiberglass insulation suppliers, we are aware of at least three methods that are commonly used to clean the ducts.

The first method involves using a portable, household or shop vacuum and various brush attachments. They can be used by most any adult to carefully vacuum away any debris. If you do decide to use the first method, just make sure that you don protective goggles and a dust mask first. Otherwise, you may end up getting ductwork dust into your eyes and nose.

The second method our fiberglass insulation professionals are familiar with is called power brushing. It is traditionally completed with a special vacuum and a high powered, rotation brush. Both of which could easily damage the fiberglass insulation and seals. Because of that, we’d recommend that the method only be used by professionals or those homeowners trained to use such machines properly.

The third method frequently used to clean fiberglass insulated ductwork is often referred to as air washing. Like the power brushing method, it should really only be undertaken by someone with experience. That’s because it involves the use of a high powered air compressor and a skipper nozzle. If used incorrectly, the machine can dislodge the fiberglass insulation and break the ductwork’s seams.

Those are the three main methods that are typically used to clean up aging HVAC ductwork. If your local contractor insists upon using other methods, we’d recommend that you make sure he or she plans on guaranteeing their tech’s work. Otherwise, you may have no recourse if their unproven methods damage your ductwork’s fiberglass insulation.

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