Get Your Genuine and State-of-the-Art Insulation Products Only From Us!

We’re top notch insulator manufacturer

Our insulation factory produces all kinds of insulating materials for all your insulating needs. Whether they are packaging & packing products, building insulation materials, for reinforced concrete, pipes, floors and all your other insulation needs, we have all what you want.  We’ve been an insulation supplier for several years now dealing only in high quality insulating products. We only make high standard insulating brands. Our products are tested and tried to deliver the highest possible performance that you can expect from top notch insulators. You don’t have to look for other sources if you want excellent products for your own use or for your business.

We know our insulation products to the minutest details

Selling insulation products involves highly technical skill. The application and right specs should match or you’re going to have an accident in your hand waiting to happen.  It can be serious or minor matter, but the effects isstill the same. There’ll be work stoppage and equipment damage. Down time will depend on how serious the damage that the machinery has sustained. As a huge insulation supplier, we employ only the most knowledgeable people who know their products completely. They will help advising you to see if you have the correct product list you’re planning to buy. That is if you want a second opinion. But we don’t usually give unsolicited advice especially if your contractor is the source of the materials to be purchased.

Cements are not good thermal insulation materials

If you think thick cement walls are good thermal insulators, they’re no match with the heat of the sun. They can’t insulate your building, commercial or residential from the residual heat. In fact they are good heat conductors and are responsible in making the room even hotter. Your air conditioners will work double time to cool the room and your electric bill will be enormously high. Our insulation factory experts will advise against using thick curtains also to cover the wall to stop the heat from penetrating. They have a dual function. They can stop a minor amount of heat from entering the room and they can also prevent it from escaping the room.

The choices are yours

You have several choices among our variety of wall insulating products. Being a consummate insulation supplier we carry various products for your shopping pleasure. You have a choice between exterior insulation products, in between wall spaces insulators, and inserts. We also carry liquid polyurethane insulating products which you can apply by injecting in-between the walls. This the cutting edge technology when insulating walls and roofs are concerned. There are no gaps and breaks that are going to escape this type of insulation method. You can be sure of nothing but perfect results all the time.

We are familiar with all kinds of insulation materials

Our experienced as insulation factory, has brought us face to face with a lot of insulating products since we’ve started dealing with this kind of business.Rock wool and fiberglass insulating materials are popular among customers. They have their own special way of getting the insulating job done with very effective results. To this effect we’d like to invite you to visit our company website and explore our products more. Or you can call us for a more personal approach. We have the best pricing scheme in the industry. You can find it on our website as well.

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