Glass Wool Factory Staff Discusses How Insulation Works

During the course of their work, our glass wool factory staff members are sometimes asked questions by inquisitive young people. In many instances, the questioners want to know how insulation works. So we decided to answer that question in today’s blog post. Perhaps our answer will help to satisfy a few curious minds.

In order to understand how insulation from our glass wool factory helps to keeps a home comfortable, one must first be aware of how heat functions. Heat, like other elements of life, is a form of transferrable energy. It is typically transferred through convection, conduction and radiation. Glass wool insulation and rock wool insulation help to block that transfer from occurring. As a result, the heat remains in one area.

We should also mention that although they both stop the transfer of heat, glass wool insulation and rock wool insulation have different properties. That’s because each one is made with different materials. The glass wool insulation that is manufactured at our glass wool factory is made with natural sand and fiberglass. Fiberglass, just in case you are not familiar with it, is made with silicate fibers. Silicate fibers are made from finely spun sodium silicate, which is also known as water glass.

The rock wool insulation, on the other hand, is made with sand and rocks. Depending on the manufacturer, the rocks used in the process are either manmade or byproducts of volcanic eruptions. In manmade situations, natural materials are placed into high temperature furnaces that are designed to generate volcanic like heat. The end result is molten rock, which is then spun into fibers. The fibers are then formed into rock wool slabs, rock wool blankets and rock wool pipe sections.

At this point, you may be wondering if other materials can block heat as well. In short, they can but not as efficiently as the materials produced by our glass wool factory staff. There are various experiments that you can do at home to test other materials’ insulation properties. However that is a subject for another day.

In the meantime, to learn more about insulation and how it works, please contact us our glass wool factory staff. Our phone number is +852 65454223. We may also be reached by e-mail (

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