Glass Wool Supplier Discusses the Basics of Blower Door Tests

As one of the world’s top glass wool suppliers, we tend to field a lot questions from home and business owners about insulation. Sometimes those questions center on blower doors and blower door test basics. As such, we wanted to talk about that topic this week.

Blower doors are special pieces of equipment that are traditionally used with smoke sticks during home and business energy audits. Although they are often used by professionals, individuals may purchase or rent the blower doors through select retailers. We should also mention that the equipment comes in two forms, calibrated and uncalibrated.

Both types essentially consist of a moderate to large size, variable-speed fan and flexible side mounts. However, we’d suggest that you choose the calibrated type because it provides much more information than the later. Basic blower door tests, at their root, are designed to measure at least two things. Those two things are a building’s airflow and pressure differences. The advanced or calibrated tests may also be able to determine the effectiveness of a structure’s insulation.

Once the blower door is on location, the person in charge of conducting the test must install it. Installing it involves placing the equipment in an open doorway. The flexible panels are then pulled out and the entire unit is temporarily sealed into the door jam.

Next, the person carrying out the test turns the blower door on and lets it run. At the end of the testing period, the machine provides one or more readings. The readings, in turn, are then analyzed. After the analysis is complete, recommendations are made as to which areas could benefit from additional glass wool insulation or air-sealing caulk.

To learn more about ensuring that a structure has the proper amount of glass wool insulation, please contact us. As longtime glass wool suppliers, we have extensive industry knowledge and the quality products needed to help you get any insulation job done right.

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