Industrial Products You Will Want to Use in Your Construction: Rock Wool

Your home is a safe haven for you and your family and as such that means that you will do everything you can to make that home as comfortable as possible and as cost effective as possible. Insulation is one aspect of keeping your home cost effective and comfortable at the same time. This applies to both industrial locations too. Although there are plenty of insulation materials in the market, the most popular is rock wool.

This material is one of the products any homeowner or building owner would want in their home. It is a material that is surprisingly close to what its name says it is because it is indeed made of rock. It is basically a type of insulating material that is made from rocks as well as other minerals. The reason why it is also called “wool” is because, after processing, the material looks like wool. Essentially it is rock that looks like wool fibers. Here are some of the important items that this versatile material is used for.

Rock wool insulation – Just as described above, insulation is extremely important to any home. A roll of this type of insulator can pretty much turn your home into a heat repelling object because it prevents heat transfer.  It is also important to note that because the material is made from rocks and minerals it isn’t easy to burn and can therefore protect your home from a cataclysmic fire. Although it does have a burning point, that is extremely high.

Rock wool board – This product is a great addition to your home, although it is most often used in factories and commercial applications. This thick board looks a lot like wood from afar because it comes, as its name suggests, in the form of big block boards. Although it isn’t something that you are probably going to use all over your home (it can be quite expensive), it is still a good idea to use this material in areas that you want to protect such as the bedroom or perhaps the kitchen. It is also a great roof material and used for many homes in that respect.

Rock wool pipe – Although heat transfer may be the main goal of the wooly material which is described all over this article, that isn’t the only use for it. Yes, it definitely insulates heat and is definitely a great way to prevent the transfer of that heat but it does play another important role too. This insulator when used in pipes can drown out noise. Sound is essentially the jamming and vibrating of atoms. If you stop that as a conductor does, you will end up with less noise. This pipe helps drown out the noise of gushing liquid.

Rock wool blanket – This “blanket” really looks more like a roll of carpet. It is basically a roll of the insulating material. It is rolled into long sheets so that it is easier to carry and easier to measure and cut.

Rock wool is one of the most versatile insulators on the market and one of the safest. Try it out for yourself and make your home or office so much more comfortable.

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