Insulation Factory Pro’s 5 Tips for Avoiding Ice Dams and Icicles

Our insulation factory’s pros know that there are many compelling reasons to properly insulate a business or home’s attic. One of them is the avoidance of ice dams and icicles. Over the years, those two things have been known to cause astronomical property damage, personal injury and death. With that in mind, our insulation experts wanted to offer up the following tips for making killer icicles and giant ice dams nothing more than distant nightmares:

#1: Add Glass or Rockwool Insulation

Heat coming in contact with snow is one of the chief causes of roof icicles and ice dams. Essentially, the heat from inside of a dwelling rises up into the attic. Over time, that heat warms the roofing material. That, in turn, causes any snow and sleet that may be present on the roof to melt.

Once it does, the resulting water finds its way into the building’s gutters and attic where it refreezes. When that scenario takes place several times, the ice builds up and causes the problems that we mentioned previously. Thus, the first step in preventing ice formation is to add more glass or rockwool insulation. Doing so will help to keep the building’s heat transfer to a minimum.

#2: Air Seal Small Openings

In addition to adding glass or rockwool insulation to the building, it is also important to engage in air sealing tasks. They too will help to keep the heat from transferring to the attic. You can read more about air sealing in one of our previous blog posts.

#3: Add Ventilation

According to our insulation factory’s resident experts, adding enough roof ventilation to the structure is also important. It allows any remaining heat in the attic to escape before it has a chance to warm the roofing materials. It should also be noted that clothes dryers, plumbing stacks, stove pipes and exhaust fans should never be vented into the attic. Otherwise, you are just contributing to the heat transfer problem.

#4: Add Water Repellant Membrane

Depending on your situation, installing a water repellant membrane underneath of your building’s exterior roofing materials may help too. The only downside to installing one is that the existing roofing materials will need to be removed and replaced in the process. However, at the very least, it should cut down on the occurrence of attic leaks.

#5: Invest in a Roof Rake

Lastly, our insulation factory’s pros would like to suggest that you invest in a roof rake. It is designed to aid in the safe removal of snow buildup. By removing the snow buildup, you basically gain two advantages. First, it keeps the snow’s weight from causing structural damage. Second, it reduces the amount of snowmelt.

To discuss these tips further and learn more about preventing ice damage with insulation, please contact us. Our insulation factory’s staff may be reached online or by calling +852 65454223.

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