Insulation Factory’s Helpful Tips for Reducing an Attic’s Heat Loss

Did you know that a home or business can lose a great deal of its warmth due to inadequate attic insulation? Its true and this winter is expected to be a cold one. Therefore, you may want to contemplate climbing up into your home’s attic and giving it the once over before the snow arrives. To help you along the way, here are a few tips from our insulation factory’s pros:

Insulate the Attic Door

Start by insulating your home’s attic door with rock wool slabs. Just measure the attic door and use a sharp utility knife to cut the rock wool slab accordingly. Then affix the rock wool slab to the attic door with adhesive. Depending on the type of attic door frame involved, you may want to consider rimming it with standard weatherization strips as well.

Insulate the Attic Floor

Continue the job by using insect resistant rock wool blankets to insulate the attic’s floor. Our insulation factory’s rock wool blankets come in widths of 600 or 910 mm and lengths of 5000 or 3000 mm. We’d suggest using enough of it to achieve an R-value that is appropriate for your region and your home’s age. If any pipes are present in your attic, think about covering them with rock wool insulation too.

We’d also like to remind you to leave adequate space around all of the attic’s vents (i.e. soffits) and to use a vapor barrier. Otherwise, you could inadvertently cause ice damming, condensation and cooling issues to occur. If you are not sure what that R-value should be or how much ventilation is needed, contact our insulation factory’s pros.

Insulate the Attic Walls

Next, insulate the attic walls with more rock wool blankets or rock wool slabs. In the process, make sure that you leave enough clearance around any gable, ridge or roof vents for proper air flow. Later, you may opt to either leave the attic’s rock wool blankets exposed or cover them for a finished appearance.

To learn more about preparing your home for the cooler months ahead, contact Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company. Our insulation factory pros are well versed in both rock wool and glass wool insulation applications.

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