Insulation Supplier’s Winter Chill Science Experiment Idea for Kids

It is no secret that as insulation suppliers we like to share our industry related science experiment ideas. After all, it is something that we have included in our blog on previous occasions. So today, we wanted to share another insulation themed project idea with you. This one is designed to show what a difference rock wool and glass wool insulation can make when it comes to retaining heat.

In order to complete this particular science experiment, you’ll need:

  • 1 Ice chest (filled – with lid) or access to a snow bank
  • 2 Lab thermometers, immersion style
  • 3 Plastic bags, resealable (large)
  • 3 Baby food jars, lids included
  • 1 Microwave, with potholder
  • 1 Kitchen thermometer
  • 1 Permanent marker
  • 1 Rock wool blanket
  • 1 Glass wool blanket
  • 1 roll Masking tape
  • 1 pair Scissors

Begin setting up the experiment by filling one resealable bag with two pieces of rock wool blanket. A second bag should be filled with two pieces of glass wool blanket. The third bag should not have any insulation in it whatsoever. Next, take the three baby food jars and fill them with the exact same amount of tap water. Microwave the jars until the water gets hot. Then remove the jars and use your kitchen thermometer to determine the temperature of the water in each jar. Record the temperature in your science notebook.

Continue by placing one immersion thermometer into each jar and sealing it tight. Then place one jar in each of the three resealable plastic bags. Once that is done, place the bags into the cooler or snow bank for 1 hour. At the end of the hour, check and record the temperature of the water in each jar. When you are finished, put the plastic bags back into the cooler for another hour. Then remove them and take a final temperature reading. Afterward, review the three readings and determine which jar held the heat the longest.

To discuss the results of your experiment and learn more about the benefits of insulation, please contact us. As one of the world’s leading insulation suppliers, we are always willing to discuss the advantages of using both rock wool and glass wool insulation.

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