Rock wool blanket; versatile and secure

Our premium rock wool blanket can be used just about anywhere. It can go under ceilings, in walls under floors, even under decks to provide heat and sound insulation. Using high quality production processes, we provide you with a durable product that will last for years to come.

Some added bonuses come in the rock wool blanket’s ability to repel water, mildew, mold, rot and several different kinds of bacterial growths. This makes it the perfect material to insulate outside porches or places that have hard to access crawl spaces. The contents of rock wool blankets are dense; therefore they minimize the flow of air and sound waves. When used inside, it not only insulates against heat loss, it dampens noise significantly rendering it a great material for apartment complexes. Possibly the most important advantage to rock wool blanket is its fire retardant properties. The noncombustible fibers have an extreme melting temperature of over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. It slows the spread of fire adding precious minutes to escape during a fire.

The energy savings are astounding. According to the North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association (NAIMI) rock wool reduces energy costs in residential homes, office buildings, and manufacturing plants. Savings on residential energy bills can reach as high as forty percent. These cuts in energy use are good for the wallet, but even better for the environment as our dependence on energy decreases. According to Roxul, when properly installed, rock wool blanket saves as much as 128 times more energy than what’s needed for production, transport, and disposal.

To grab your piece of the savings and do your part for the environment, contact us today and we’ll introduce you to the world of rock wool.

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