Rock Wool Factory Pro Discusses Soundproofing Laundry Rooms

We’ve all read the sales brochures that tout how quiet certain brands of washing machines and dryers are. However, what those brochures fail to address is that no matter how state-of-the-art the machines are, they still make noise. In addition, the machines also tend to vibrate. So what’s a domestic diva or laundry mat owner supposed to do about those two things? Well, as rock wool factory pros, we’d suggest soundproofing the laundry room with rock wool insulation.

Rock wool insulation is ideally suited for use in both home and commercial laundry rooms for several reasons. To begin with, it resists fire, heat, water, mold, mildew and insects. In addition, it has the inherent ability to reduce noise and vibrations. So those are eight concerns that will immediately be minimized if you use rock wool insulation.

In order to soundproof your laundry room with rock wool insulation, you’ll need a few supplies. We’d suggest using rock wool pipe insulation for the water lines. Rock wool blankets and slabs will be needed to insulate the floor, interior walls and ceiling. Of course you’ll also want to have sealants, caulks, a utility knife and a vapor retarder on hand as well.

When you are in the process of insulating the floor, you may want to consider making a few additions too. Items to consider adding to the area are a raised threshold, waterproof flooring, electronic shutoff values and a floor drain outfitted with a trap primer. All five should help minimize water damage should one of the machines or pipes break.

Once the rock wool insulation and waterproof flooring are in place, consider investing in anti-vibration mats or pads. They are often sold at appliance and home improvement stores. Traditionally made of anti-slip rubber, they get placed underneath of the machines. The rubber is designed to help quell vibration noise and keep the machines from “walking” across the floor during operation.

After all of those things are in place, your home or commercial laundry room should be blissfully quiet. To speak with our rock wool factory’s pros about this or other soundproofing applications, please contact us online.

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