Rock Wool Insulation is Key When Building an Attached Greenhouse

Attached glass greenhouses with block foundations make wonderful additions to today’s homes. However, if not done right, they can also leave homeowners faced with elevated utility bills. The good news is that there are ways to make greenhouses more energy efficient with the addition of rock wool insulation.

The first step on the road to greenhouse energy efficiency is to fill the foundation’s hollow core walls with rock wool insulation. Rock wool insulation is eco-friendly, mold resistant, fire retardant, pest resistant and water resistant. It also doesn’t shrink over time. If the foundation’s blocks are solid, you’ll want to attach rock wool slabs to the greenhouse’s interior walls instead. Our rock wool slabs are 1200 mm long and 600 mm wide. They can easily be cut to size, covered with moisture-proof facing and attached to a greenhouse’s foundation with adhesive mastic.

While we are on the subject of foundations, consider painting the greenhouse’s exterior with an eco-friendly, waterproof, solar reflective sealant. It will help to keep moisture from entering the block’s exterior and reflect the sun’s rays back towards your lawn. It is important to reflect the sun off of the greenhouse’s foundation so it doesn’t become a heat island. Keep in mind that heat islands should be avoided because they can negatively affect your home’s utility bill and the environment.

Don’t forget about the gaps around your greenhouse’s plumbing and electrical components. They should ideally be made airtight as well. The best way to do that is to utilize rockwool pipe insulation. Cover the pipes with the rockwool pipe insulation and then fill in any small cracks with foam insulation.

Lastly, be sure to increase your greenhouse window’s energy efficiency too. In that regard, you’ll have several options. For instance, you may want to think about covering the windows with IR/anti-condensation treated films and insulated night curtains. They are designed to reduce condensation and energy loss. You may also opt to reduce air infiltration by insulating the window joints.

Of course they are not the only ways rock wool insulation may be used to improve attached greenhouses. To learn more about rock wool insulation’s many applications, contact us. We here at Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company can assist you with all of your rock wool insulation needs. We are a leader in the insulation industry and have been providing trusted advice to others for years. Reach us through the Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company’s website or call +852 65454223.

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