Rock Wool Insulation

With much of the world’s industries being made conscious of the environmental repercussions that they make, the development of rock wool meant an eco-friendly solution to our construction and insulation needs. Other forms of insulation in the market include cellulose, Styrofoam, fiberglass and spray foam. All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages to go with it and the choice of which to go with depends on factors such as cost and the type and size of the area to be covered. Versatility in both cold and hot conditions also influences the choices of most consumers.

Rock wool is among the most popular of the traditional insulation methods in use these days. A mix of rock and sand is created through a spinning process which is then formed to the specification such as boards or rolls. This is a highly effective material for insulation both thermal and sound. Its application is considerable wide and in varieties of settings. Insulation isn’t the only benefit as it acts well to keep heat in during those long cold periods such as winter or rainy season.

The thing with rock wool insulation is it is among the most cost effective materials in use today. It has a high resistance to fire as well which makes it not just an insulator but actually boosts the strength of firewalls. A rock wool board is also lightweight in its own right and is very easy to install. Our range of products is created to withstand time and any weather to provide resistance as well as preserve the existing heat inside during cold weather.

The use of the material is not limited to thermal insulation but it can also be very effective in creating a barrier for sound. Rock wool pipe insulation is effective in reducing if not completely cancelling the noise signature of pipe lines. You can use our products in a variety of settings such as steam pipelines, reactors, boilers, tanks and vessels which has use pipelines with a considerable amount of noise. You will find the effectiveness of this material very impressive and worth your investment.

It goes just the same with our rock wool blanket. It can be placed under ceilings, floors and decks to provide thermal, vibration and noise cancellation. With some high quality production processes, we create rock wool with impressive durability and the stability to last you for many years to come. We guarantee top quality thermal and acoustic insulation at a good value which actually performs up to the standards. Tried and tested, you will have no regrets in choosing our superb line of rock wool based material.

When considering a material to provide insulation for your home or office, make sure you make the right choice. Our rock wool products meet top quality standards which strike a balance with reasonable pricing. This means great news for consumers, especially those who are working on a tight budget but still want the best material to work with. Check out our line of insulating solutions which are sure to impress and exceed expectations.