Rock Wool Manufacturer’s 5 Tips for Insulating an Attached Garage

With cooler temperatures on the horizon, now’s the time to consider insulating your home’s attached garage with rock wool insulation. Doing so can add valuable workspace to your home and potentially lower your utility expenses. With that said, here are a few garage insulating tips from your friendly rock wool manufacturer:

Tip #1: Insulate Garage Door

Start by taking a look at your garage door. Depending on the garage door’s age, it may already be insulated. If it is not, consider cutting and affixing rock wool slabs to the door’s interior with adhesive. In the process, remember to keep the garage door’s tracks free of obstructions. It is also important to make sure that the door’s operating system is capable of accommodating a slight increase in weight.

Tip #2: Insulate Garage Walls

Next, take a look at your attached garage’s walls. As a seasoned rock wool manufacturer, we’d suggest that you insulate them with either rock wool blankets or rock wool slabs. Because the rock wool slabs are rigid, dense and easily cut, they would be ideal for use in odd shaped, narrow spaces. Examples include areas around the garage door, appliances and storage areas.

Tip #3: Insulate Garage Pipes

If you have pipes running through your garage, it’s important to cover them with the rock wool pipe insulation too. This is especially the case for any pipes that may run into your home or outside to an external spigot. Otherwise, changes in temperature could cause them to make noise or break.

Tip #4: Insulate Garage Ceiling

When you are finished with the walls and door, insulate the garage’s ceiling with rock wool boards. Their rigidity makes them a breeze to install. Plus, you can cut the boards to accommodate any overhead light fixtures that may already be present. We should also mention that the rock wool boards are heat resistant. Thus, you won’t need to worry about placing them near lights that generate a lot of heat.

Tip #5: Insulate Garage Floor

Depending on what your intentions are for the space and what type of garage floor your home has, you may want to consider insulating it as well. One of the more popular options is to use rock wool slabs and install a floating subfloor. If you do decide to go that route, our rock wool slabs are water repellent and may be used with a vapor barrier.

To uncover more tips for insulating your home’s attached garage, contact Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company. We are a well-respected rock wool manufacturer with years of experience in the field.

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