Rock Wool Mattress

Rock wool mattress (blanket) is excellent insulation material sutable for medium and large diameter pipe, small and medium-sized tanks, and equipment with small surface curvature or irregular surface.  It is also used in building air conditioning pipe insulation, wall thermal insulation and sound absorbing.

The specification of Rock Wool Blanket (Mattress)

Length: 5000 or 3000 (mm)

Width: 600 or 910 (mm)

Density: 80-130 kg/ m3

Thickness: 30-100 mm


Standard of Rock Wool Physical Properties

Fiber Diameter: 5-7 um

Heat shrinkage temperature under load: ≥500 Degree C

Thermal Conductivity: ≤0.043 w/ m.k

Hydrophobicity: ≥ 98%

Shot Content: ≤8%

Organic Content: ≤4.0%