Rock Wool Pipe Sections are Ideal for Thermo-Acoustic Applications

Are you looking for high quality, fire resistant, thermo-acoustic insulation to use during your next build or remodel? We here at Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company can help. We have an assortment of rock wool insulation in stock that would be ideal for a variety of thermo-acoustic applications.

Take our lightweight, 1000 mm long rock wool pipe sections for example. The sections range in thickness from 25 to 150 mm and have a density of 100-160 kg/ m3. They also have a diameter range of 16 to 820 mm. The 98% hydrophobic, non-combustible rock wool fibers used in their construction have an individual diameter range of 5 to 7 um. They are held together with a high performance binder. In addition, each rock wool pipe section contains 4% organic content and 8% shot content.

Of course that’s not all that our pH neutral or slightly alkaline rock wool pipe sections have going for them. They are also corrosion resistant and non-reactive. As such, they may be used with stainless steel and faced with aluminum. Our rock wool pipe sections are vermin resistant and antimicrobial as well. Thus, you can feel free to use them in areas prone to attract condensation or rodents.

We should also mention that because our well-constructed rock wool pipe sections install easily, the number of thermal bridges is likely to be minimized. Understandably, those features lead to increased thermal efficiency and fire protection. With that said, our rock wool pipe sections have a thermal conductivity of ≤0.043 w/ m.k. They also have a heat shrinkage temperature under load of ≥500 Degree C.

To learn more about our rock wool pipe sections, contact us via the Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company website. We have extensive experience in manufacturing both rock wool and fiberglass insulation. Please note that our prices are extremely reasonable as well. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a high degree of value for your money.

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