Rock Wool Slab

Industrial rock wool slab (board) has excellent performance for fire protection, thermal insulation and heat insulation.  It is mainly applied to the steam pipes, heat transformers, reactors, ovens, furnaces and other equipment for temperature control, energy conservation and personal protection.

Architectural use rock wool slab (board) has  outstanding fire protection, thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties.  It is mainly used for the thermal insulation of the roof of the building, building wall, firewalls and fire doors,  and fire safety and noise reduction of the elevator shaft.

Water-repellent rock wool slabs (boards) are added with water-repellent additives.  They have good moisture resistant property. They are used for thermal insulation, fire insulation and fire cut off of ships.  They are used in vehicles, mobile equipment, cold storage, air conditioning ducts, and other moisture-proof applications fir fire insulation.


The specification of Rock Wool Slab (Board)

Length: 1200 (mm)

Width: 600 (mm)

Density: 40-180 kg/ m3

Thickness: 30-100 mm

Standard of Rock Wool Physical Properties

Fiber Diameter: 5-7 um

Heat shrinkage temperature under load: ≥500 Degree C

Thermal Conductivity: ≤0.043 w/ m.k

Hydrophobicity: ≥ 98%

Shot Content: ≤8%

Organic Content: ≤4.0%