The changing face of insulation manufacturing

Insulation manufacturing has changed drastically over the years. In the beginning insulation was made by each individual who needed it. The applications were simple: keep cold out of the house. The materials were as widely varied as the makers. Newspaper, old cloth, grass, even mud were all put to use in order to try and keep homes warmer.

These days, insulation components are more generalized, usually made of glass wool or rock wool, but the applications are much more varied. We know use it to keep heat out, keep heat in, keep cold out or in, soften sounds, safeguard workers against burns, save on hot water bills, the list goes on.

To accommodate these numerous needs, several insulation products have come along. If you want to cover large diameter pipe, medium sized tanks, or any irregular surface, you need a rock wool mattress or blanket. For the best fire protection, you want rock wool slab or board. Rock wool sectional pipe insulation works perfectly for the thermal insulation, temperature control and energy conservation for small pipes.

Glass wool blankets provide the best heat insulation and acoustic damping for any steel building. Glass wool boards are widely used in the walls of indoor and outdoor facilities, but is especially effective in ceilings. It offers great fire safety and sound damping qualities. Glass wool pipe sections are the real heavy weights, being used in the pipeline of power plants as well as in the petroleum and chemical industry.

For more information on what type of insulation is just right for your job, big or small, contact us and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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