The curing oven a crucial part of rock wool manufacturing

There are many steps in the process of rock wool manufacturing. Production lines are equipped with all sorts of strange and sophisticated machines. The heart and soul of the factory is the curing oven. This is where the final product is assembled. All the loose wool generated by the melting and collecting systems are fed into the curing oven where it’s fate is decided in the extreme heat used for this machine.

A curing oven looks something like a long railroad box car connected to a power plant by long drive shafts that turn the giant rollers in the mouth of the oven. This versatile machine not only makes rock wool blankets, mattresses, and rock wool board, but also glass wool mattresses, blankets and boards. Once the rock wool is fed into the oven, it gets pressed to the desired thickness by long steel plates on the top and bottom of the wool with holes all through the plates. Hot air is then pushed through the holes to cure the rock wool. The hot air used reaches a temperature of between 220 and 250 degrees Celsius. Thickness and density of the final product are determined by the combination of air temperature and pressure from the inner plates.

Modern models use much less energy than their predecessors and have become much more versatile with the ability to produce a wider range of thicknesses and densities. They have also become much safer with the addition of explosion proof systems built in.

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