Tips for Building a Kid-Size Solar Cooker with Rock Wool Boards

Are you looking for a way to educate and entertain your children this weekend? If so, you may want to teach your inquisitive kids about solar power. One fun way to do that is to build a solar oven with rock wool boards and make carob treats. Here are the activity basics:

Assemble the Solar Oven

Building a solar oven may be as simple or complex as you like. One of the easiest methods is to build your oven with a pre-made wooden box, adhesive, a sheet of matching plexiglass, door hinges, a pull knob and rock wool boards. Start by using the plexiglass, door hinges and pull knob to create a top for your wooden box. The plexiglass needs to be clear so that the sun’s rays can access the carob treats.

Afterward, measure the inside of the box and cut rock wool boards to match. Affix the rock wool boards to the inside walls and bottom of the box with adhesive. At this point, you may opt to cover the rock wool boards with a layer of cardboard or leave them alone. When the adhesive dries, your solar oven will be ready for use.

Cook the Carob Treats

Once you are ready to use your solar oven, grab a bag of sugar-free marshmallows and carob chips. Continue by topping several of the graham crackers with the sugar-free marshmallows and carob chips. Then place them onto a metal cookie sheet and into the solar oven through the top of the box. Next, close the top of the cooker and place it into the sun. Let the kids monitor how long it takes for the carob chips and sugar-free marshmallows to melt. Afterward, let them eat their solar oven creations with a glass of milk.

Want to uncover additional ways to incorporate rock wool insulation into your children’s learning experiences? Contact us or stay tuned to the Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company’s blog.

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