Top Reasons to Use Rock Wool Insulation When Remodeling

Are you planning on remodeling your home or business in the coming months? If so, don’t forget to buy rock wool insulation. There are several reasons why rock wool insulation makes a superlative addition to remodeling projects.

For starters, rock wool insulation is antimicrobial. Such a characteristic makes it perfect for use in high moisture areas like basement drainage fields, refrigeration units, greenhouses and shower rooms. It is also hydrophobic. Take our rock wool insulation as a prime example of that. It has a hydrophobicity of 98% or more, which makes it appropriate for use in flood zones.

Rock wool insulation also excels when it comes to thermal performance and fire resistance. That’s because it is inherently non-combustible and extremely dense. Those characteristics enable it to achieve high R-values, withstand high heat and absorb sound. It also has the ability to maintain those characteristics for life. Thus, you’re apt to save on replacement and utility costs.

The rock wool insulation that carries our name has a heat shrinkage under load of ≥500 Degree C, regardless of the format (slab, pipe section and mattress). It also has a density range of 40-180 kg/m3. Out of all of the types of rock wool insulation that we manufacture, the slabs tend to be the densest.

Rock wool insulation is also eco-friendly on several fronts. For example, ours is made with organic and shot content. Shot content is considered waste material. Therefore, by using it in the manufacturing of our rock wool insulation, we’re helping to protect the environment. The amount of shot content used in our rock wool insulation is ≤8%. The amount of organic content is typically ≤4.0%. We should also mention that there is little to no waste or air emissions during our company’s rock wool manufacturing process. So we are helping the environment in that respect as well.

To uncover additional reasons why rock wool insulation makes an excellent choice, contact Tenou Firesafe Insulation Company. We are a leading manufacturer of an array of insulation products.

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