What Is a Glass Wool Pipe

What Is a Glass Wool Pipe?

A glass wool pipe is an industrial product that is manufactured by means of spinning a glass towards a fibrous material which can be packed on blankets and mats. The products are often used as an insulation material and in some cases, being used as air filters as well. You will find a glass wool material on several home supply stores all over the world. There are also various companies that manufacture and sell these products for special purposes, such as an insulation material used for building an aircraft. However, in cases where the glass wool is used for these special purposes, the standards are usually higher for health and safety reasons. These days, you will find so many companies that make glass wool pipe not only for insulation purposes but for a variety of reasons as well.

The glass wool is made of a molten glass that is mixed with a binder and is being forced through a fine sieve in order to make it achieve a delicately spun fiber material. The fibers will then mat together or it will be packaged though rolled blankets. The blankets allow the users to cut the glass wool to a certain size which is very useful during building construction. In the case of glass wool pipe, it is a pipe that is made by adopting a unique technique called the centrifugal technology. The pipe is basically made of an elastic glass fiber that has a diameter of only a few microns, although you also have an option to select a glass wool pipe that is moisture-proof and is facing on-line compound that is in accordance to the customer’s requirements. Because of the vast number of tiny air interspaces in the pipe it functions as heat insulation as well and in some cases, being used for sound absorption in a certain room. On some construction projects, contractors would make use of the glass wool pipe to safe guard the building and this is the reason why these products are made of excellent quality materials.

Here are the advantages of using glass wool pipe for your construction projects.

  • The pipes are ageing resistance, antisepsis as well as anticorrosion and could definitely help to ensure a clean and healthy environment.
  • It is made from a Grade A1 fireproof material, and thus, it is permanently incombustible.
  • The glass wool pipe is often made of light materials and therefore, they are so easy to install.
  • It has low moisture absorption as well as a stable physical property.
  • It has low thermal conductivity with high heat preservation.
  • It has a sound absorption and noise reduction feature and can effectively prevent syntony.
  • The glass wool pipe has a strong resistance to extrusion and impact.

The pipe is mainly used for heat insulation of various hot as well as cold pipelines, including hidden and exposed pipelines. It is highly recommended that the glass wool pipe will be used for the heat insulation of pipelines during the installation of electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy as well as light industry.

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