What You Should Know About Rock Wool Insulation

Rockwool insulation is a type of insulation that makes use of actual rocks and minerals for insulating. Sometimes, it is called as slag wool insulation, stone wall insulation as well as mineral wool insulation. There is a wide range of products that can be made out of the rock wool since it is known for its great ability to block both heat and sound. This method of insulation is widely used for building construction, as well as on automotive applications and on industrial plants. The rock wool insulation often comes in the form of a Rock Wool board.

How to Make Rockwool Insulation

In order to come up with rock wool insulation, the first step is to heat the minerals as well as other raw materials to about 2910°F, and this is about 1600°C. You must heat it on a furnace where current of air or steam will be blown. A more advanced method of production is by means of rotating the molten rock at a high speed with the use of spinning wheel, similar to how a cotton candy is being made. The finish product on this process will be a mass of fine fibers that are intertwined and bound together with a starch. Oil is sometimes added on the mixture in order to help lessen the formation of dusts. The finished product will then be made to become a Rock Wool Pipe or board.

Why Choose Rock Wool Insulation

Of all the insulation materials available, the rock wool insulation is the most preferred of all. This is because they are great conductors on their own, although they will be more effective if they are made to become boards, pipes or Rock Wool blanket. The rock wool insulation is also great at preventing the spread of fire on buildings due to their extremely high melting pot. Just like with other types of insulation, rock wool also plays an important role in lessening the energy consumption on homes and commercial buildings. The rock wool insulation is made of natural materials and is safe to manufacture and use, although it is important to adhere to proper guidelines in order to avoid any injuries. Furthermore, several researches have proven that rock wool is very safe and do not pose any danger on human health including cancers and other respiratory diseases.

Although the rock wool will not attract any rodents or pests, they can pose problems if they are allowed to be wet. The rock wool insulation maybe able to retain a large amount of water but gravity can actually drain it out until the water eventually escapes. The rock wool’s ability to hold water along with the fact that the insulation material can retain a certain amount of air, has made the rock wool the most preferred medium of insulation.

In its natural state, the rock wool has a high pH value, thus, it will not support any plant growth. In order for it to become a suitable medium for growing plants, it should be treated to achieve a lower pH value. This treatment is done by soaking the rock wool material on pH adjusted water for at least 24 hours.

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